urban reTreat doesn't offer just any ole' overnight accommodations.  We are not located in a big warehouse with crates, or pricey "doggie condos" with flat screen TVs.  All furry guests board in our sitter's homes with couches to share with the humans.  Normal living, the way it should be!  Treats abound (healthy ones of course) and love is dosed out frequently (and is not an extra charge). Imagine coming home to a happy, well exercised and well rested pooch.

Or, we can come stay in your home -- keep things simple for your pets.  It's up to you!
We understand the need to stetch our legs, take in the fresh air, and be entertained during the day.  Heck, that's why the human urban reTreater's left the corporate world!  While you are away we promise to provide lots of exercise and "me" time for your fur kid, but just as importantly, we promise thorough care for each pet whether that is a special diet regimen, medications, or caution when walking due to injuries or aches and pains.  When you return home, you can catch up on the day's activities with the "ReTreat Report."  Of course, your pet's grin will speak volumes.
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urban is owned by Molly Marino, a University of Chicago M.B.A., as well as the director of a Chicago dog rescue.  An animal lover from birth, it was only natural that Molly leave the corporate grind behind to do what she does best.

She is a trusted professional, rescuer and friend in the Chicago community.  Who else to better care for your pets during the day or while you are away?  
To learn about her charitable work, become a fan of 
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urban reTreat is not your typical pet care business.

Not even close.
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